Unity Window & Door

Louisville, Clarksville, Jeffersonville, New Albany

Your local window and door installation and repair company serving Louisville and surrounding communities: Clarksville, New Albany, Jeffersonville, Sellersburg, Hamburg, Corydon, Charlestown, Georgetown, Prospect, La Grange, etc.


We also install wood and composite siding, build and repair decks, offer professional interior and exterior painting and staining, and other carpentry services.


Superior waterproofing and insulation methods that go above and beyond code are used. Don’t settle for caulk, a few nails, and (maybe) some window tape. If you are building your own home and want your windows to be as efficient as possible, give us a call.


We can remove all existing styles of windows and replace them with the wood, fiberglass/composite, or vinyl products of your choice, provided they meet quality standards. We can recommend and order qualifying products for you as well from reputable manufacturers and suppliers.

Door installation and replacement

Call us to measure and quote your entry door, patio door (hinged and sliding), screen door, or storm door project. Many styles and finishes available, or if you have a product picked out already, we will be glad to install it for you.

Exterior storm windows (preservation grade)

We work with two vendors for custom exterior storm windows available in matching colors to your existing windows or trim. Triple track systems are available.  For out-of-square openings and oriel / cottage style windows, the storm windows can be manufactured to fit the shape of the prime window.  Exterior storm windows offered and installed are Preservation Grade for historic homes and commercial buildings only.  Shipping charges apply.


Low profile acrylic interior storm windows are available in almost any possible color, most window shapes and sizes, and provide a thermal barrier without compromising the appearance of your existing windows. Ideal for historic homes or office buildings, but available for all building types.


Repairs to your windows and doors may be possible instead of replacement.  We offer expert restoration services for rotted sashes, frames, and trim. Please contact us to discuss any issues you may be having with your doors and windows.


Light gauge aluminum coil covers and protects trim around windows, doors, fascia, posts, and many other surfaces. There are a large selection of colors and several types of finishes available.

Siding: wood and composite board

Cedar lap, plywood, and composite board siding installation services are offered on a case-by-case basis.  Note: We do NOT currently offer vinyl siding installation. Only high quality wood and composite materials are used and installed to industry-best standards.

Deck construction and repair

Check out pictures of decks we've constructed and stain-finished.  Deck construction, maintenance, repair, painting, and staining are offered on a case-by-case basis.

Interior / exterior paint and stain

We can paint or stain your new windows and doors prior to installation, or your existing ones.  We can brush, roll, or spray virtually any other building surface.  See our Projects page (still under editing) for links to pictures of historical preservation painting, deck staining, interior and exterior new-construction wall painting, and other surface finishing projects.

Trim carpentry and custom projects

We do first-rate work casing doors and windows, naturally, and will be glad to install baseboard, crown molding, and other trim as well.  We've screened porches, glazed window sashes, built cold-frames and a greenhouse from recycled materials, replaced porch posts and rafter sections, added crawlspace doors and vents, built plywood cabinets, added interior walls and built window/door frames from scratch, raised 14-foot porch posts and beams, and various other field carpentry work.


We take pride in the quality of our caulking. If you need to properly seal gaps in your wall plates, corners, along trim and other finished locations we will leave them looking professional. If you are taking up carpet or baseboard trim, call us to professionally seal your exterior walls along the sill plate— a major infiltration point. As well, we will be glad to re-insulate and seal existing doors and windows. Low expansion spray foam is used where appropriate around doors and wood windows.